Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So Rough and So Long

Today I had my 20 weeks appointment. Since I figured it would be a short and sweet one, I didn't make any arrangements for Syl, assuming she'd do fine. I brought the usual in my newly smaller bag: snacks, crayons, books, ect. Since she's done so well this past month or so on the potty, I only carry a spare pair of undies, shorts, and a wet bag, just in case. Can you see where this story is going yet? As we are hanging in the waiting room (where they have a tv on, I mean really, what's up with that?) I keep asking if she has to potty. She always gets frustrated with this constant question, but I know what happens if I forget to ask. All of sudden, "mom, I have to pee." So off we go running down the hall to the nearest potty. It's the definite downside of potty-training...long-distance potty runs. When we arrived, she peed in the potty, but I noticed she had some diarrhea in her undies. Shoot, not quick enough. So I pulled out the spare pair in my bag. The wipes container must have been open or something cause they were very damp (or my water bottle leaked, but nothing else was wet, so who knows. I tossed the yuckos in the wet bag, cleaned her up, and just told her a new word "commando." Back in the office we go, sure enough, a minute later, she had more diarrhea. And no undies. And guess what? No spare shorts. I had forgotten the Old Navy accident of the other morning and I used the spare pair.

As I reenter the office, with a shortless and underwearless kid in tow, I get called. I ask if they have any spare diapers, for my new freedom from diapers blocked my reality of what it is to potty-train. There are accidents, so deal with it. Of course an ob's office doesn't stash size 5 diapers, so the nurse wrapped a paper cover in a skirt like fashion over her waist. As ridiculous as it seemed, Syl liked her new attire. Not only did it provide a gently breeze on her booty, but there was a huge paper bow in front. I, on the other hand, was a total 5 month pregnant mess. In the bathroom, I couldn't stop crying. I kept asking the poopy gods why this had to happen today, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but this exact morning at my obs office? Why? Of course, my only reply was a foul stench that was coming from my poop-ridden bag. The real answer? I have a newly potty-trained toddler who is bound to have accidents. And now I think she must have a bug, because it relates back to late last night's super-puking all over her bed extravaganza. I had to bathe her and change the entire bedding by myself, because of course, Dave needed a break and went to have some beers at a friend's house.
I'm not the one who needs a break, right??!! I really enjoy spending 2 hours int he middle of the night cleaning puke and a pukey child and trying to figure out why she's pukey and then getting her to fall back to sleep after the incident was over. And I enjoy emergency super explosions right before an important appointment.
As we were driving home, Syl asked me why I was looking out the window. My only answer was "I'm thinking about where I'd rather be right now." Totally selfish, I know. But in that moment, so true.
The funny thing about this entire past 24 hours is how much more chaotic everything is going to be with 2. One having diaper explosions, the other having underwear explosions. Just where I want to be.


Cara said...

damn. That is a rough day. Hang in there. My husband frequently "needs" breaks too. ::rolling eyes:: Wimps.

Heather said...

i'm sorry, but i did laugh a little. public diarrhea is one that is always funny, even in it's horribleness. i'm super sorry you had to go through this today. at least the nurses in our ob's office are super nice and understanding. i didn't think that it would be any big deal to take eliot to my 6 week after birth check up, and didn't think what I'd do with him while my lady bits were being examined. fortunately, the nice nurses took turns holding him while i was spread eagle on the table. good times.